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  • Eliminate over 98% of False Alarms

    COREBOX® constantly monitors and resolves issues automatically. You are always informed of problems and made aware of any unresolved issues. No need to worry about your staff members forgetting or not completing important tasks. COREBOX® does this for you eliminating false alarms and call outs.

  • Innovative Security and Health & Safety Solution

    COREBOX® takes away your headache of managing multiple systems such as; intruder alarm, access control, fire alarm, health & safety compliance, time management and much more by providing you with one fully integrated, automatic package.

  • Monitored 24/7 - All Year Round

    COREBOX® will lighten your workload, save you money and increase your business security whilst ensuring health & safety compliance.

  • Easy Payment Options

    COREBOX’s potential is limitless. Best of all is that you don’t need to buy it all - just the security and health & safety solutions YOU need.


Why is COREBOX® different?

COREBOX® has been developed through listening and talking to customers who have told us what their headaches are.

We have created a product that solves all of them while, at the same time, saving you money.

The security industry still operates in much the same way it did 20 years ago, by using technology we still provide all the basics you need plus giving you everything you want.

COREBOX® is an award-winning innovative product, recognised by security industries leading companies as a market-leading product.

COREBOX® combines all your systems into one easy-to-use package – including burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems and CCTV systems.

Do I have to have everything or can I just have one part of it?

The advantage of COREBOX® is you can pick and choose the systems you need.

If you only need access control or a health and safety pack and a time management system you can have just that and still get all the benefits – plus you can add any other module onto it anytime.

Can you use my existing systems?

In certain instances yes, but we will discuss this with you on our initial site visit.

What do I need for COREBOX®?

All you need is broadband. We choose broadband because it is faster than a normal telephone line. However, in certain circumstances we will still support systems on a normal telephone line.

If I buy COREBOX® does this mean I’m stuck with 4i Security and can never move away?

No. We only use standard industry products so you are free to move at any time and any other security company can support the product. However, you would lose the benefits that COREBOX® offers because this is unique to 4i Security.

What areas of the UK do you cover?

We operate throughout the UK.

What is the average payback time?

The payback time with COREBOX® can be as little as six months.

Can I see a cost saving sheet?

We provide a cost saving report for you to see with every quotation

Is there any charge for a quotation?

We do not make any charges for quotations

If I want COREBOX® can you offer easy payment solution?

Yes we offer easy payment terms. In most cases, the monthly repayments are less than you would pay to your current provider and you continue to make savings.

My Insurance company has told me my security company should be SSAIB or NSI approved.

4i Security is approved by the SSAIB, which are accepted by the Police and Insurance Companies to carry out security work for you.

As standard we always ensure your systems comply with your insurance companies requirements.

We will never try and “downgrade” your system or monitoring just to appear cheaper, which unfortunately has the opposite effect by potentially invalidating your insurance.

Will COREBOX® work on any Broadband Line?

Yes. It will work on any stable Internet connection. It is preferable to have a Static IP Address rather than Dynamic - but not essential.

For business users, Static IPs are normally issued as standard. We will advise you and help you understand this.

What if there is a fault with my broadband?

In some instances, COREBOX® will emit an audible tone. If there is a broadband fault, however, COREBOX® has GSM Backup (basically a mobile phone), which uses any of the four major phone networks to ensure your system never stops being monitored.

If you live in an area where mobile phone reception is poor, we will install a high gain antenna to ensure the service is still available to you.

What is OMC?

OMC is a unique and secure area for each individual customer.

OMC allows you to monitor everything that is happening with your system, check your system from anywhere, create or simply browse Alarm Activity, Open Close Logs, Maintenance Reports, Keyholder Details, Job Management, even view our reaction times, plus much more.

This service is not available from any other Security Company.

I have more than one site. Can I view my records in just one area?

Yes you can. When we setup your user account we will link each site you have with us to your account.

If you have 10 sites you will be able to select which site you want without having to log in and out.

But my premises are not “normal”

Not a problem. 4i Security has a solution for any property.

What if I am still under contract with my existing company?

No problem. You can still have COREBOX® and 4i Security will allow for your current costs.