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This section should answer any of your questions but please contact us if you would like to know more.

My Insurance company has told me I must have a security system with SSAIB or NSI / Nacoss approval -
can you help me?

As an SSAIB approved Security Company, Police and Insurance Companies allow us to carry out security work for you.

We can provide you with Police Response to Break-Ins and Panic Attacks. We will also make sure that the system complies with your Insurance Companies requirements.

Note - If your system does not comply your Insurance may not cover any claims.

Why choose an SSAIB Approved Company?

The SSAIB believes that every customer, whether a large commercial organisation or an individual householder, is entitled to receive a professional service from security and fire companies.

SSAIB approved companies must prove their competence on an on-going basis.

Selecting the type of alarm for your business is one thing. If you want it to be effective and meet the requirements set out by the police and your insurer, it's important to have it installed and maintained in accordance with the required standards by a professional company.

If a company has not been approved by the SSAIB, challenge its credentials. Here are some key questions to ask the company you are considering to install your system.

Do they meet all relevant British and European Standards for technical performance?

Are all staff thoroughly security vetted & screened? Would you want a person with criminal convictions working on your security system?

Do they provide a high level of staff training and supervision to industry best practice standards?

Is the company comprehensively insured to protect customers and staff?

Are they inspected every six months by professional auditors -including random site visits.

Do they operate a 24-hour call out service (and do they respond within 4 hours)?

Are they trained and able to complete a thorough security survey of your property in line with your insurance guidelines?

Will they guarantee installing reliable, up to date equipment?

Are they able to issue you with a Certificate of Compliance for your system?

Choosing an SSAIB approved company ensures your security system is installed & operates to the highest recognised industry standards as demanded by the Police, Fire & Rescue Services and Insurance Industry.

4i Security meets all these requirements and more.

Why do I need a monitored security system to qualify for Police Response in case of burglary or intrusion?

Following the latest guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), many police forces will not respond to alarms from non-monitored systems unless there is also first hand evidence of a crime - whether from an owner or a member of the public.

The police will attend to an alarm signal routed via the Alarm Receiving Centre from a monitored alarm that qualifies for Police Response.

Will I be charged by the police for any false alarms?

No. The police do not charge for attendance to an alarm. However, they will downgrade and eventually withdraw their response if they are called out to excessive false alarms. As your security company we will advise and rectify these issues to maintain Police Response.

How do I know what grade of Security System I need?

Insurance companies don’t often specify the grade of system you should have. It is left to the installer to decide.

4i Security Surveyors are fully trained on how to decide which system you require. As a guide to help you, these are our system guidelines.

You should not presume that your system is any of the following - it is here as a guide only. Your surveyor or insurance company will inform you which system you require.

A typical entry-level intruder alarm would be designed to generate confirmed alarm activations. In the event of an alarm activation, the system sends a signal to an alarm receiving centre so that a keyholder, and if necessary the Police can respond. This could apply to small commercial or large residential premises. Such a system would comply with EN Standards Grade 2.

A typical mid level intruder alarm would be designed to generate confirmed alarm activations and could provide basic access control. In the event of an alarm activation, the system uses secure monitoring to send a signal to an alarm receiving centre so that a keyholder, and if necessary the Police, can respond. This could apply to schools and offices. Such a system would comply with EN Standards Grade 3.

A typical top-level intruder alarm would be designed to generate confirmed alarm activations and could provide extensive access control.

In the event of an alarm activation, the system uses secure monitoring with radio GSM back-up to send a signal to an alarm receiving centre so that a keyholder, and if necessary the Police can respond.

Such a system could include a smoke security system, and could help you manage security for multiple sites. This could apply to banks, or a chain of retail outlets. Such a system would comply with EN Standards Grade 4.

What is OMC?

OMC is a unique and fully secure area for 4i Security Customers.

The OMC can be set for different levels of user to have access to certain areas only.

MC stands for Online Monitoring Console it will allow you the ability to access, and in certain cases edit - Maintenance Reports, Keyholder Details, Reports, Alarm Activity, Logs, reaction times from us - this service is not available from any other security company.

I have more than one site. Can one view my records in just 1 area?

Yes you can. When we set up your user account, we will link each site you have with us to your account. If you have 10 sites you will be able to select which site you want without having to log in and out.

Who will maintain and service my security system?

All 4i Security monitored security systems are fully serviced and maintained by our professionally trained engineers. In addition to this, as a 4i Security customer, you will have access to our unique Online Management Console (OMC).

What is 4i Security's INTENSIVE CARE Option?

Part of 4i Security's Intensive Care Option is the ability to have your security system remotely serviced every 24 hrs - Why? It is a requirement that SSAIB and NSI approved companies maintains a security system every 6 months?

It is possible that part of a security system may stop operating correctly at any time, or part of a system may be altered - without your knowledge.p>

By having your system maintained remotely every 24 hrs you will have a full report available in OMC every day - Any problems or deterioration in your system you will know. Who else offers this service?

Once my system has been installed, if I need support, or need to change details, is there someone I can speak to?

4i Security's OMC, in many cases, will remove the need for you to call us as many problems or requests you have can be answered from inside the console.

However, if you still prefer to call us, 4i Security operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you ever need to speak to someone just call the support number given to you on installation.

Does the alarm need to be reset by an engineer after activation?

Most 4i Security systems are fitted with a remote reset device. If you set off your alarm accidentally, it can be reset remotely from our Alarm Receiving Centre, saving you time and inconvenience.

However, following a genuine alarm or activation which needs to be investigated, a 4i Security engineer may be required to visit your home to reset your system and ensure it is fully functional.

Do I need a telephone or broadband line for monitoring of my system?

For business users, we prefer you to have Broadband. This enables you to have full integration with our OMC.

However, where Broadband is not present the Alarm Receiving Centre can still monitor your security system by a telephone line.

Will the alarm system work on any Broadband Line?

Yes. It will work on any stable Internet connection. It is preferred to have a Static IP Address rather than Dynamic but not essential. For business users, Static IP's are normally issued as standard. We will advise you and help you understand this.

Will the alarm system work on telephone lines not provided by BT?

This depends on which type of monitoring you require. However our system is compatible with most current telephone suppliers.

What if there is a fault with my broadband or telephone line?

In some instances, the system will emit an audible tone. If there is a broadband or telephone line fault at any time other than during an alarm.

For most of our systems we install a signaling device with GSM Backup. This uses Mobile Phone Technology, providing you with a backup in the event of a line or broadband fault so your security system will continue to be monitored.

For further peace of mind, we can advise on how your broadband or telephone line can be made more secure.

I have bad GSM reception?

If you live in an area where mobile phone reception is poor, we will install a high gain antenna to ensure that the service is still available to you.

In areas where the Network Provider has no reception we can transfer you to another Network.

Will the equipment I currently have on my telephone line such as a fax, answering machine, or personal computer,
affect my security system?

In most instances there will be no problems, but don’t worry. Our engineers will advise you of this.

Who are keyholders and why do I need them?

A keyholder is a person is exactly what it says. A keyholder for the premises. 4i Security requires at least two nominated keyholders.

If the alarm is activated and you are not available, one of your keyholders will be asked to visit your premises to provide access for the police or other emergency services if required.

To ensure that your emergency is answered in the shortest time possible, your keyholders must live within twenty minutes' travelling time of your premises, have full access to your property and be familiar with the security system that is installed.

If, for any reason, you are unable to nominate a keyholder we can help. There are specialist companies that provide this type of service. If you would like us to help, use our contact us page or call us on 08000 803 015.

Can I have my Fire and Smoke Detectors monitored?

Yes you can. We may have to install detectors that are compatible with the security system. But with a monitored system, your fire safety feature is active and monitored 24 hours a day, even if your intruder alarm is not set.

I have property not attached to the main building?

No problem. 4i Security will design systems for any situation.