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“The boys at 4i Security have provided us with the perfect solution.

“I was very skeptical that I could rely on a security company after getting such poor customer service from my last supplier, but they have proved to me that they do practice what they preach.”

Eddie Bringins, Boston Spa High School

“4i Security have been maintaining and monitoring our schools intruder alarm detection system for the last 5 years and the schools fire alarm system for the last year.

“We moved to 4i Security in 2005 from one of the larger national companies, partially due to cost reduction, but also because of the level of customer service available from 4i Security.

“We can honestly say that the promise’s made have been kept and we’ve been very pleased with the professionalism and speed of response that 4i Security have delivered.

“We have built up a good working relationship with key members of the 4i Security team and they have always been available day or night to resolve any problems that have occurred.

“The school site is large and quite complex with a number of different zones, but 4i Security have worked with the school to modify and update our systems which has reduced the number of false alarm activations that we experienced with our previous contractor. This has saved the school both time and money.”

Geoff Scott, Site Services Manager

“We didn't really know anything about cameras but the need arose to have some form of surveillance on our premises due to having valuables stored outside our premises overnight.

“I appreciate the time you took to explain all the different options to me and not pressuring me into buying anything.

“I did get 3 quotes for the work but the other 2 companies I saw were interested in selling me what they wanted me to have, rather than what was right for me.

“I didn't get a comfortable feeling with your competitors and I am sure I have made the right decision in entrusting you to do the work.”

Chris Stanley, SB Tippers

“Our old CCTV control room needed revamping and was long overdue being updated with modern equipment. Control rooms were something that other security companies we contacted seemed to no nothing about.

“I was surprised that your staff understood our needs as if it was second nature and promptly supplied a competitive quote for the works. I'm pleased to say the equipment that was installed has worked without any problems and look forward to you providing more equipment for us when the need arises.”

Andrew Smith, The Mall Corporation

“When 4i came to see us we were extremely impressed with their knowledge and innovative ideas to help us improve our security. They installed a far better system than the previous one - which to be honest had caused us no end of problems.

“As well as protecting all our buildings against theft, we now have time delay locks on all our doors as well as a members door fob access system. The beauty of this is that we can control who has access to each area of the club, monitor which fob has been used and when as well as lock doors at pre-set times.

“I can now monitor the entire system remotely via the web wherever I am, see who has accessed each area and at what time, and also cancel lost fobs immediately.

“False alarms have now been virtually eliminated, our Police response has been reinstated – and our insurance premiums are still less than they were back in 2003!

“In the 5 years since installing the 4i system we’ve saved considerable amounts of time and money and their after-sales service has been excellent. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable and their system capabilities are highly impressive. I would heartily recommend them.”

Peter Clarke, Secretary, Otley Golf Club

“We had been with our existing provider for many years. Following the loss of ‘Police Response’ due to excessive false alarms and the poor follow up service, the committee thought we should look elsewhere.

“From the initial point of contact to ongoing support, the experience has been professional, easy and consistent. The security of your premises is very delicate when trusting it to an unknown.

“However I now realise this was the best decision we made trusting 4i with our security system and constantly delivering all the promises you made. Thanks again.”

David Lees, Club Secretary, Rishton Conservative WMC